"Muñequitas" - Gicclee print - 8.5in x 11in


"Muñequitas" - Gicclee print - 8.5in x 11in

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“Muñequitas” or “Little dolls” is a cute, playful image where I used Sombra, the Mexican character from Overwatch and place them in cute scenes in our every day Mexican life. Like peeking at a collection of her childhood photographs =)

This time, she’s sitting on the steps of her Abuelita’s porch! My grandma’s porch didn’t actually look like this one but some of the plants are actually from an aunts garden and inspired on the overall feeling of that familiar place many of us had the chance to imagine stories and know lots of plants and flowers.

The dolls don’t exist, but I thought it would be fun to imagine her mom taking a pic with dolls like the famous “Maria” dolls we all know, but I didn’t want to steal that image from them so I chose to dress my dolls in 4 different Mexican traditional dresses from Baja California, Jalisco, Veracruz (places attached to friends and family) and Yucatan because I just fell in love with how colorful it looks! And they also represent North, West, East and South <3

And the kittens? I’ve seen so many pics of babies with their toys and there’s almost always a little cat that used to live in that house we all remember ^-^

And the bougainvilleas, those are a direct memory from my grandparents <3

I wanted to continue this series with this character because even though many people don’t recognize her from the game, the imagery brings memories to the people who come across this pieces. I’m happy to share another little one with you all <3

Print info:
Printed at home with Epson Pigment inks on Cotton Rag paper, combination that according manufacturers allows the print to last more than 100+ years if kept away from sun and humidity.

Paper size: 8.5in x 11in

Note: If you purchase this piece between July26th and July 28th, your print will be produced and shipped on MONDAY JULY 29th, 2019!

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