"Cala lily vendor" - Gicclee Print - 8.5in x 11in


"Cala lily vendor" - Gicclee Print - 8.5in x 11in


The “Cala lily vendor” was created as a fun sketch imagining an universe where in Mexico there are magical creatures interacting with humans in their daily lives.

She’s a cala lily “farmer” and the small Quetzalcoatl-like flying creatures coexist with her family in the cala lilies field, but they’re not pests! They live among the flowers, they grow there and they help keep the ground and the flowers healthy! They also help their human friend to bring the flowers to the local market without her being overloaded with the weight!

People in the market don’t like them too much, but our human friend always loves to have them around. She always feels that once people get to know them, they will see this creatures are amazingly helpful and fun to have around! A small hidden message of tolerance I guess ^_^

Print info:
I print this pieces myself at home using an Epson SureColor p600 with original pigment inks on 100% Cotton Rag paper. This print is printed on Lustre paper and has a semi-gloss surface. According to manufacturers, the quality of this materials give this piece a life of 100+ years! (As long as it’s kept safe from direct sunlight, humidity and other external factors that could damage it!)

Size: 8.5in x 11 in.

This listing is for the print only! If you’re interested in the original please send me an email to dianitaarts@gmail.com.

All rights remain with the artist.

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