"Safe Travels" - Giclee print


"Safe Travels" - Giclee print


"May your travels be safe “ - she said as the sea turtles started their journey to other oceans. “Can’t wait to see you soon and hear about all your adventures!”

A little drawing made for Mermay 2018. It was born with the creation of this little mermaid character, so far called “Sister Water” from another illustration of mine. She’s confined to live as a mermaid, away from her family living on land but she looks at it as a great opportunity to explore a new world.


Printed with white border, largest printed image size is 10 in.

All prints are made at home with Pigment inks and 100% Cotton rag Archival Matte paper. This combination guarantees high-quality Giclee prints that will remain as beautiful as today for 100+ years.

The only care you need to have? Don’t expose them to direct sunlight or humidity!

You can keep them in the bag with the Acid-free backing I include. If you need tips for framing it, let me know!

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