"Forever Yours"

This weekend I feel a bit sad about Game of Thrones and tired to see female role models lost because they can’t be leaders. I’m no professional writer but I like to create little stories for my pieces, tonight to change a bit how I feel I wanted to share with you a story of a girl and her dragon:

“Forever yours” Created as a coloring page for my Patreon in February 2018.

“Forever yours” Created as a coloring page for my Patreon in February 2018.

"Forever Yours"

"All kids are asked to volunteer to the many basic tasks around the realm. One of the most demanding places is the Nursery. The biggest task for this huge place is to take care of small dragons that have been sick or injured and if they can't recover, they are sent to a very early retirement. There's little chance for them to be able to help on the daily heavy tasks they're asked for and he rules strongly forbid anyone to take this dragons outside the Nursery, to keep the injured ones safe from their own curiosity and the sick ones from spreading illness among the group.

Imani volunteered there without question, she liked to take care of small animals. Her parents wished for her to use her time for other activities like learning to care for the bigger creatures (a secret hope of every parent was that their kids will be able to find their creature companion among the stronger beasts). Imani was more excited about learning to care for defenseless creatures, she thought she would have time to find a bigger friend later.

When she arrived to the Nursery, a tiny little dragon, no taller than her knees immediately started following her. He didn't have a tail, the people in the Nursery told her that even if he had the best attitude towards people, he wasn't going to be of much use for the community as Dragons were expected to fly and help with huge tasks that Earth bound creatures weren't able to perform.  They didn't believe in killing them of course! But Dragons that were raised away from other creatures and not being allowed to find someone to bond with, grew sad and not as bright-colored as the "complete" ones.

She noticed this little guy, even without a tail, was very very excited to help her. If something fell down, he took it with his mouth or his hands and gave it to her. She saw the same in many of the dragons there. She started a small experiment of assigning little tasks to this little friend, even asking him to help with moving big objects. Asking him to help carry food for the other "residents". And the people in charge noticed this, they saw all the small dragons full of energy, no matter if their wings were not complete, they were running around them, eager to help!

As the years passed, Imani's time in the Nursery was over. She successfully had created a "program" that changed the lives of Dragons there and she felt it was going to change the life of older people or people with disabilities. She had successfully managed to teach the kids there to develop techniques that would help the Dragons feel useful as "Service companions"! In her last day there, she was really sad, because her not-so-little friend will have to stay in the Nursery and wait to be assigned to a person who needed him or maybe to people who had lost their own Dragons.

As she was about to cross the closed gate, she said her goodbyes to him. Crying silently, she had to be strong so the little dragon remained calm. She heard steps and saw this tall, beautiful woman it was the head of the Nurseries all around the realm. She walked to Imani, and kneeled in front of her to look at her eyes with a kind smile. ' I hope you have space in your room, because this little guy seems to be growing non-stop since he met you! I don't think he'll want to stay if you're not here' .  Imani couldn't believe her ears, she turned to her parents and found 2 bright smiles, they've already talked with the Head of nurseries and asked for her to be able to take him home. They knew her daughter might never have a bond with another creature as strong as she had with this funny, little one. They couldn't break them apart.

And so it happened! They ignited a change around them and their life together was just starting! Their next goal? They will decide with time, from now on they're inseparable souls growing together to help their world be a better place.

' I'm forever yours, my dear friend' "

Her story will continue but to give you hope, they grow to be good leaders and the inspiration for many. Those stories will come with time, as I keep learning more about them but I want to inspire more women to feel they can achieve better things. If you’re a creator, you have this power… use it wisely <3 One person you can inspire, no matter their age, their gender, their country, their situation… Just one person you can inspire will make a big difference in our world.

This will become a painting now that I feel more confident in myself and I met a wonderful artist that is able and qualified to help me to portray her skin color correctly and her looks in the most respectful way possible. <3 (Thank you Chase!)

Thank you and big hugs <3


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