The Last Unicorn screening and meeting Mr. Peter S. Beagle

Mr. Peter S. Beagle was recently at a screening on “The Last Unicorn” at the Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson, Tx, well, not that recently now I guess o.O  It was in April... 
Watching the movie for the first time in more than 29 years and in the big screen with Mr. Vic who had never seen it before, was like going back to that night, when I was watching it on the TV. I  honestly believe it’s one of my first memories as a child, so I guess that’s why I felt like going back for a few minutes to that time when everything was fine. And yes, I cried a lot, but had to run to snag a good place in line to meet Mr. Beagle and sign a vintage copy of the book for one of my best friends  and a signed print for me =)  
The line had some surprises, amazing cosplayers and an incredible puppet maker (I think!). Here are some pics of it =) )

Amazing Red Bull cosplay *.*
Gorgeous Amalthea Cosplay <3  

Puppeteer <3

Run Unicorn!!!! Run!!!

Mr. Beagle telling me stories ^-^  (srsly, ppl almost kill me)

Gorgeous Vintage edition now Signed!

Poster near the entrance <3

I'm truly sorry with all the people in line, but I swear, Mr. Beagle didn't want to stop his story! If you want to know, he was telling me about how he loves Mexico and he has many friends from there and family. I'm not sure if that's true, but well, he's a great storyteller! As you can see, when hubby took our pic, he was still talking and talking and talking xD  He's a very very funny guy, I'm glad fans everywhere are making his presence count!

Kuddos to the lady next to me at the cinema too, she was like the biggest fan in that place, she knew all that was to know about The last unicorn and all other of his stories. She jumped, laughed, she was super excited and she even noticed the vintage edition I had in my hands, she even had the VHS! I'm always impressed how I always get to be near awesome people who are passionate about what they like. Hugs to you, sweet lady! And for the lady that was next to her, drawing prior the screening, you go girl!!!  As far as I could peek, your drawing was beautiful! =D

And that's it for this post <3 I was very inspired by this incredible couple hours we spent there, even if the damned highway was closed in both directions when we were on our way.  Because, it's me, right?  Luckily we made it on time!

Thanks to hubby for getting the tickets to this screening, I know they make the tour often, but 29 years ago I never imagined I was going to meet, hug and listen stories directly from the author of this fascinating story!

I got some inspiration that day,
next post will be about that <3