When you have cute pony toys and you turn them into zombies.

Crazy Lily

Image property of Dianita (do not use without permission)

"They were playing hide and seek in the graveyard.
They were.
Who were they? – She asks herself every time when the hunger goes away.
There were laughs, yes, lots of laughs. Yet, she never moved from this gravestone… why? Why was everybody laughing?
Oh yes!
“I was counting!” – she smiled.
“1 … 2 …3 … “ – she knew she was counting, although her voice sounded so weird… “… 10… 11… 12…” there was no sound but her voice in the graveyard. “98… 98… 100!”
“Ready or not, here I come! “ she started walking, searching for her laughing friends, until the chain stopped her… Again.
At the distance, she saw curious faces. She could hear them laughing. She could smell their fear or excitement. Excitement was the best. 
She stopped pursuing her invisible friends and returned to the gravestone lying on the rocks, closing her eyes, lowering her muzzle to the ground. It never takes too much time until she can feel something touching her. One poke… 2 pokes… then she feels something pushing her. “ …3 …4… 5…”
And then laughs. 
“It’s so stupid! Dumb zombie! Hahahaha Look, look!” 
“Stop it! “ said another voice with fear “come on, let’s go! We shouldn’t be here!” 
“How boring, she’s sleeping, c’mon Crazy Lily, come and get us!!! Hahaha” 
The little pony was strongly poking her back, she didn’t feel pain, not even when her skin was breaking by the touch of the little pony hoof. 
And then… 
Laughs always turn into screams. Yes, always. 
That day, it was the same. They were playing hide and seek, she was counting while they ran to hide. They all were laughing. And then she heard the screams. 
Yes, she remembers. 
Her own screams. 
And then, silence. 
She looked at the forest around her, nobody was around. The screams and cries stopped, warm blood ran through her mouth. 
“I was counting, they were laughing… yes”
“Who were they?"".
Image property of Dianita (do not use without permission)

Image property of Dianita (do not use without permission)

Image property of Dianita (do not use without permission)

Image property of Dianita (do not use without permission)

Image property of Dianita (do not use without permission)


"Crazy Lily" is a custom pony made by me, Dianita. I used a g3 pony as a base and epoxy sculpt, acrylic paints, glossy sealant and swarovski crystals and a chain for her details. Her base is also designed and built by me using a wood plaque, acrylic paints, moss from a crafts store, glossy sealant, a spare block from what appears to be our new kitchen previous remodeling and lots of strong glue to keep it all together <3

As you can see, she was designed and made with lots of love and care, yes, lots of love, even if you don't believe it =)

My Lil' Zombies are an ongoing series of custom My little ponies that I started a few years ago and have become popular from time to time. They were mentioned in the most amazing feature from FearNET.com and have found loving homes in the most amazing families I could ever ask for in Germany and the USA.

I currently don't take commissions for custom ponies as they're very personal projects and I like to keep this hobby as something personal and fun. So from time to time, listings like this will pop in my store so it's your better chance to own one original and special design that will not be recreated in the future.

If you decide to give her a home, you agree that this is a display-only piece. It's not meant for kids to play or even to touch. It doesn't have sharp edges, but pieces can break and cut skin or be swallowed. So please, do not allow your kids to play with this pony. Of course, this means that if it falls to the ground, it might break, as any delicate piece. I will not be held responsible if you break it.

Shipping will be made in the most careful possible way to make sure your pony will be delivered safely. The inside will not look fancy, but it's for your pony's good, trust me.

This said, inside the USA I ship my items through Priority Mail . For international destinations, please contact me with your info to give you a more exact quote, I'm giving the most accurate prices I can offer right now for the most usual destinations.

However, in case that you choose not to buy insurance or registered mail for your package, I can't be held responsible for any kind of problem during the shipping process.

You can see more of my works onhttp://www.artbydianita.com and follow my future projects (art and crafts, including custom toys) athttp://www.facebook.com/dianitaart.

The Local Sales and Use Tax (8.25%) will be added for items purchased by residents of the state of Texas.

COPYRIGHT: All artwork by Dianita (Diana Vargas Sampieri) are copyrighted material and may not be reproduced in any manner on the internet, nor paper or any other material or means of reproduction without the express written and signed permission by the artist Dianita (Diana Vargas Sampieri), this includes all reproductions and originals. All rights are retained by the artist Dianita (Diana Vargas Sampieri).