New year, new life.

Good afternoon everyone!

As you can see, I got lost during this months. I just moved out of my country and started finally my marriage life with my amazing hubby after 3 years married and waiting for immigration to process my case.

All is set, I'm at my new home and already overwhelmed at the opportunities I can reach! I finally set up my artist room, worked on a piece for Slushbox Gallery   for their "Candy Coated Dreams" show opening tomorrow (March 7th, 2015)  and really excited as I'm joining the amazing Ink & Pistons artists, one of my best friends Tamisery  and lots of incredible artists like Raul Guerra, Acrylicana, Jen D. Basing, Sugar Fueled, Julie Filipenco, Squidvishuss,Carolina Lebar, Mizna Wada, Jared Konopitski, Sara Leigh, and I'm sure some more !  I can't wait to see the pieces all together in the show, I wish I could go!

So, along with this busy start of the year, I hope to be updating this blog regularly. I'm joining Rebecca Guay's wonderful idea of promoting artist friends. So, I know I'm not famous, but I hope this space can be used for my friends to know each other's talents and we can be a big machine in order to let the world know amazing undervalued artists exist =)

That, and hubby is bugging me with making my youtube channel... That one is still a maybe, I don't like to talk or be on camera, but we'll see.  I need a camera with video recording and a tripod. Let's see if business picks up and I can overcome my fears of being recorded hahaha

Ok, this is just a text update, I will be writing here much more, so I hope this helps me to stay active and keep pursuing my goals (and use my time on something better while I recover from a shoulder injury xD)

Thanks for reading and for your visit.
All my love to you all!