Year of the Horse... Very fitting! 2 new paintings!

I just finished 2 paintings for a friend, who, in exchange for them, got me in to a wonderful workshop from David Alonso, owner of "Brio Natural", a technique that reminds me to Pat Parelli's method of Natural HorseManShip  <3

It was an amazing experience, and well, I paid it with art. So I couldn't be happier !

I'm making 5 paintings for him. 3 of them are delayed ones I promised him a long time ago and 1 new one that was in progress when we agreed on it and an original ACEO card.

The first one I want to show is this:

"In the beach"
Oil on Canvas
50cm x 40cm

It's my FIRST painting completely based on a photograph, I'm quite proud of it. I still need to learn more of landscapes, but to be the first, I think I nailed it!

And my 2nd one

Oil on Wood
Around 33cm diameter.

Based on a photo I took of one of my friend's horses.
I've received lots of visits to this photo on FB, almost 490 in 2 days! It's a big achievement for me =)

I'm so happy I'm finally being able to close cycles on pending stuff.

Well, that's it for today.

Happy New Year and lots of love and health and prosperity for this new year that just started.
Thanks for watching!