Pony Drawing for JujuB.

Color Pencil and white acrylic on Strattmore Recycled paper 400 series, 80lb.

Meet JuJu, she's one pony persona of my dear friend and client Crystal, owner of Studio JujuB. Her design is very lovely and I'm always happy when I get some freedom to choose elements and create something special.  She asked me to make JuJu my style, but honestly, it's been a while since I drew my last pony ! So this might be my current style, but the important thing is that she loves it and that makes me a happy artist too =)

She's a good white magic voodoo princess and is always in the company of her little black doll. Last time I drew her, was with striped stockings, but for this design, I aimed to keep the attention to the top part, so it can be used as cover image for FB, as requested by the commissioner. This way I could also work on some furry unicorn hooves.

So, this work is finished and I'm on to the next one.

If interested on a drawing like this, let me know.  I can't ship anything starting the last days of November, because the risk of the item to be lost or delayed due Xmas rush is high.  Although, you can wait til mid-January for me to ship it, or just go with the Hi-Res scan (300dpi) and save on shipping.

Thank you 
Have a wonderful day