2 small paintings in progress

I'm working on 2 small paintings, aiming to use all my available material while I'm still at my parents house, I think I'll be moving to the USA next year, so I want to make sure I don't leave here anything unused that will just cause a big mess (in case that mom wants to use the room for rent or just if she wants to enter and clean it )

I'm overcoming lots of fears with this works, they look so simple, but the progress has been hard and I try not to go down everytime I know I need a break from them. But I like them, because of what they're teaching to me, like patience, planning and that "wtf? I'm changing this because I want it to be different!" feeling.  And i feel free.

The one at the right started with a different, more childlish kind of face, I elongated it and worked with a more soft-kinda realistic touch. I'm getting inspired by Soey Milk 's paintings,  she's my biggest inspiration as for today, I know I hugely feel inspired by women like Audrey Kawasaki, Karla Ortiz, Jel Ena, Stella Im Hultberg, Alice Savage and a huge list of incredible artists I follow. Including my best friends Tamisery , Piquipauparro , Bee-chan  who inspire me, not only with their art, but with their lives as well.
I would love to be half as incredible as they all are, and all the amazing artists I follow on all the social networks I'm in.

I'm working and redesigning my life to finally be where I'd love to be. It's been a long process, and I was even awarded with the most incredible husband and lots of friends, I can say that all I went through was worth it.  So, on to keep working =)

Thanks for reading (if you're not just a spam reference site =|)