Today I learned that the Internet is Dark and full of terrors  hahaha
Just a personal experience on Reddit =)

Anyway, I'm learning to tell people that when I make a fanart, I just use the character and some details and just mix them to my likes. This image is an example, some people is disliking it because she should be bald, according to the book... well, I haven't reached that part in the books! >.< 

This is just the Targaryen girl with her signature dragons =)  that's it, don't look for anything else, you're not going to find it...

And her eyes does have a bit of purple! but the scanner is not picking it well, so, there ya go xD

As for the technical info, this lady was made with colored pencils on Strattmore Toned tan paper. Size 5,5" x 8,5".

The original is a gift for my husband, who likes it a lot and I'm proud if it ^^ 

Thank you for watching!