Custom ponies production stopped til further notice =(

 (Pony in progress, missing its gross factor because her blood won't shine without a gloss glaze T^T)

Today I went to my local Home Depot, with hopes to find a polyurethane water based glaze for some charms I'm making and of course, for my custom ponies. My surprise was that I just found oil-based glazes from Minwax, and that they're not going to carry more polyurethane glazes for wood any longer. This is a crazy situation and sadly, all my projects will be delayed til I find something good to work with.  Sculpey Gloss Glaze whas my favorite varnish, until it started to crack the painting. For some projects looks cute and it adds some elements of surprise. But in other projects, well, it's disappointing

So, I won't be working on the projects I expected to work before closing all sales during mid-November, in order to avoid Xmas rush and mail delaying. It happened to me once, sent a pony on the first week of December and it arrived til February. =|  And I was lucky it got there!

I will be working on ponies, but I will have to take them with me to the USA next time I go, hopefully now as a permanent resident.  I'm sad, because I have a couple projects that will be shipped to Europe that will cost 10 times more to send from USA than from Mexico =(  But quality goes first.

I'm in the search for this water based glaze, it must exist something !  I have some charms on hold and I don't want to deliver them with cracks!

So I guess that I will be focusing this couple months to my drawings and paintings more than my crafts T.T

Well, happy weekend to everybody... <3