Drawings for a local convention this weekend

Good morning <3

Soooo, faithful to my work routine, I completely forgot about this convention hehehe  I just came back from Az a month ago and well, the last thing in my mind was to prepare for this Con =|

But I'm doing well, I'm having fun preparing some drawings to take with me, it's been a while since I worked with pens, and I'd like to think that with all the practice I've been having with semi-realistic drawings I've been able to work faster on this manga-style ladies =)

I would like to make from 15 to 20, but with the time I have left, it's going to be a miracle if I get to finish 10 hehehe. I still have half day today and the whole friday to make this work =)  I already have the sketches for the 4th and the 5th ladies and hopefully will finish 3-4 more today. If I get to have 8 by the time I leave for a movie tonight ^^

I will have this ladies for sale next week =)

Thanks for reading,
Have a lovely day