Designer Toy Awards Nominee 2013 - Best Customizer !

I was recently surprised that my submission for the Designer Toy Awards 2013 was accepted it is kind of a weird contest, because there's a public voting process to choose 5 of the 9 finalists per category , and the remaining 4 will be chosen by a board of judges.

I'm in awe because I'm participating in the same category as Jeremiah Ketner!  I loove his sweet looking customs, such an honor! Of course, being unknown means that I might not have many chances, but it is awesome to be there... sadly, I'm spamming my own fb accounts for votes hehehe

If you'd like to vote for me, please go and register at Designer Toy Awards 2013  and go to My Nomination Page  and click on "Confirm Selection". You can vote every 24 hrs in each category!  I will appreciate any help!

Thank you!