New art in the making, ACEO size

This is a new ACEO I made, will be available either on my Etsy Store or my Bigcartel one, still deciding =)  Happy to be practicing a bit more of shading and expressions, I looove working with pencils <3

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Sadly this are my last 23 days in Tucson, not sure for how long =(  I'm trying not to go down and keep drawing, this time I can spend visiting my hubby is battery charging for me to go back to the messy life I live with back at Mexico.  But it's a good time to learn that I can live blocking all stress and focus on work if I focus enough =)  I might take a week and a half break when I go back due some social stuff and to get used to fight for my bed against Kitty when I'm back at my parent's house... =|

Today I got outside to spray sealant on some drawings,  got absorbed by the lovely weather, sunny but not hot, windy but not cold. A perfect weather for me to get teary eyes and to know I'll be missing the desert more then I thought...  Who knew?  I just don't feel happy to go back to a humid weather and less when I will be arriving at the start of the hottest season of the year...  Lovely 45 degrees (Celsius) feeling like 50 or perhaps more...  But that's the easiest of my worries...

Art will be work and therapy at the same time...

How I would love to learn to make a small pallet house at my piece of land where I can spend the day drawing without worries xD  Might have to save for it and learn some basic building stuff =P

Well... until I leave, I'll enjoy my time here, it is so incredible to be blessed with my husband and an incredible life changing experience that has been visiting this country 2 times by now.

Have a wonderful wonderful evening everybody