Macabre Magnifique at Gallery Sev Ven April 19th

Hi hi!

One day less for Macabre Magnifique Show at Gallery Sev Ven!
April 19th, in Huntington Beach, CA 

2 of my works will be hanging along with works from other wonderful artists  like Jel Ena, Laurie Mc Clave, Linda Rand, Meesha Goldberg, Ryan Myers, Tracy Perdue and a long list of incredible people!

I'm not sure if we will be able to attend to the opening, it is around 7 hours of driving and being on friday, hubby will have to miss that day of work.  But hopefully this won't be the last time I'll be able to submit my works to this gallery =)  I hope to be able to go to a show some day <3

I'm actually very very proud of this, I don't really understand how this art world moves, I just get comments like "whoa! Huntington Beach? That is awesome!"  I'm not sure about this, but it really lifts my spirit a bit more =) I'm very proud and happy to be accepted on a show out of Mexico, now I will be able to tell my parents that all their patience is going to pay off, they will be able to say that their girl had her art exhibited in California <3   (for most of the people back at home, exhibiting outside Mexico is a big thing...  perhaps I will be able to finally get some respect =P )  Even if it is a small and new gallery, for me is like a show on the most important place in earth!

Thanks to lovely Kat M. for the opportunity! <3 
And my husband and my friends and family for their long time support in my hardest times,
I love you all <3<3

Have a wonderful day <3