Feedback from a buyer from Canada

I received the most artistic-self-stem booster a few days ago from a buyer that purchased a little drawing bundle I was offering on etsy. 4 Miniatures that found their way to Canada =)  

This were the words from the buyer:

"My girls arrived today and they are all just so lovely Dianita. Thanks so much for letting me adopt these very special original drawings, I am awed by your talent, and you are just the biggest sweetheart ever. So kind and quick with communications, everything shipped with care and arrived so quickly too. Now off to the framers to sort out their permanent homes. Thanks again for being such a wonderful artist, person, and having a great Etsy shop!"

It is always wonderful to read what other people say about your work, I've made artwork for friends and I keep their excitement and comments on my heart.  And it is kind of educational for some members of my family too...

I'm very very happy to be able to share my work with so many countries in this world. My ponies have gone as far as Australia, Germany, UK, Italy, soon also to Finland. But now some of my current drawings are also going to other countries, starting with Canada and some also staying in Mexico and in the USA.

Very happy even if I'm also very sad for having to go back to Mexico for some months again. 

Have a wonderful day everybody