Hi, my name is Diana. i'm an artist and illustrator born in Mexico and currently living and working in the U.S.A.

I love to be able to make ideas into reality. There's no simple project, personal or commissioned, in all of them I do my best to create a wonderful piece that speaks to my audience. Innocence, curiosity and freedom are the main ingredients of my work, occasionally playing with darker corners of the imagination to portray deeper meanings. I find inspiration in horses, my favorite creature in the world, but on mythology, fantasy art and illustration, photography and pop culture as well.

My work is made in traditional mediums. Graphite is my favorite as I find great joy in drawing, but all artwork requires different ingredients to make them unique, and for this, I also enjoy the challenge of working with oils, acrylics, ink and any material my piece needs. 

I love every aspect of what I do. Creating pieces that speak to friends and strangers, that allows them to dream, hope and stay strong. There's nothing more fulfilling that knowing my work brings light to people's lives.

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Increscent - A VALA collective. Blue House Too Gallery. August 3rd to Sept 2nd. Allen, TX. 2017

The Kill Room. Slushbox Gallery. W. Palm Beach, FL. 2015

Beauties of the Night. Fundraiser for Batworld Sanctuary. Alexi Era Gallery. Shiloh, IL. 2015 

On my own time. Dallas Texis Activity Center. August 2-14. Richardson, TX. 2015

Sugar Coated Dreams. Slushbox Gallery, W. Palm Beach, FL. 2015

Anatomically Correct. Slushbox Gallery, W. Palm Beach, FL. 2014

Ink & Pistons Anniversary Show.  Slushbox Gallery, W. Palm Beach, FL. 2014.

Love, Sex & Magic. Gallery Sev Ven (Huntington Beach, CA). August 2013

Sev Ven Anniversary Party. Gallery Sev Ven (Huntington Beach, CA). 2013

Sev Ven Anniversary Party. Gallery Sev Ven (Huntington Beach, CA). 2013

Macabre Magnifique . Gallery Sev Ven (Huntington Beach,CA). April 2013

Curvy 6 Book Lauch & Exhibition. Australia . 2009


- Curvy 6. 2009.

- Bartkira Vol. 3  p. 241 (#244 in the menu). 


Awards and Nominations.

My Little Pony Fair. Best Original custom. 2006

My Little Pony Fair. 2nd Place. Original Custom. 2008.

Designer Toy Awards 2013. Nominee.



"DIY Monster Makers: 'My Little Zombie' Ponies Are Gruesomely Adorable " by Gregory Burkart. 2013


The Zombie My Little Pony Will Change Your Childhood Memories by Trish Smith.  2012



Electronics Engineering, Telecommunications. Universidad Veracruzana (UV) 2000 - 2005.

Painting Workshop. Talleres Libres, Universidad Veracruzana. 2006-2008.